About Us

We have started this business in 1993, as a brush trading company. Through our continuous efforts and success in this business, we have started Vicky Brush Company in 2005 and entered into brush manufacturing. The company was founded by Mr. M. Babu who is the leading this company towards the goal.

Our company has its own registered Trade mark in the industry. We are purchasing DuPont raw materials to produce our products and following our own formula with DuPont trained people.

We have more than a decade of experience in brush and roller, extra finishing tool trading. We are dealing with all kinds of professional tools. Our products are manufactured with weightless and costly rubber wooden handle for the smooth and easy use.

Vicky Brush Company producing various brushes includes Artist brush, Paint brush, Fine art brush, Artist paint brush and all kinds of professional brush. We are also producing ordinary rubber roller & combing and design roller & combing too.

Our factory has all kinds of infrastructure to cater our production and customers’ needs and we have employed more than 70 employees.

Vicky Brush Company has got all kinds of licenses to enhance our business including “I.E” certificate for the export.

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