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    Manufacturing quality premium brushes
    Under roof distributor of flash draglo paints (24 carat redy mix gold color paints its up to 5 years warranty.
    – Under roof Sheenlac, Asian, Berger, MRF, ICI all brand & non branded paints

    – Mainly in Water paint, oil paint, cement paint & Exclusive, Asian paints dealer and privilege premium club member.
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98409 60142, 98400 30142
Art Brushes(Round) – 000, 00, 0, 1 to 20
Art Brushes(Flat) – 0 to 20
Pattiknife, Kurumal (light & heavy) – 3” to 16” (with sakthi scrappers)
Altec Blade – 6” to 16”
And we are distributor of Sealant Gun 
Vicky rollers - Chroming handle with refill type roller
Spray Gun
Painting air compressor
Spray guns for different applications
Vicky brand rollers for different applications
Vicky brushes from 12mm to 150mm available
Branded brushes are  “VICKY” & “JAYANA” 

VICKY Premium paintbrushes

Vicky paint brushes are produced by the manufacturing facility located at Madurai. These brushes use 100% DuPont filaments and confirm to international quality standards.
The manufacturing facility has received the coveted ‘Quality in Paintbrush manufacturing award’ from E.I.DuPont, USA
Each brush is handcrafted using a trained workforce and checked for quality before it reaches the painter.
Due to the light weight of the filaments and handle of the paintbrushes the weight of the paintbrush is much lesser than comparative paintbrushes that use natural or other synthetic fibres. The paint pickup of these brushes is much higher than paintbrushes using other fibre or filament which translates to lesser dips into the paint translating to lesser arm pain for the painter.
The coating film on the wall would be uniform and longer helping the painter to cover more area in a single stroke simultaneously achieving economy of paint consumption for a given area of the painted surface. The finish is also much smoother bringing out the innate qualities of premium brand oil or water based paints.

Vicky premium paint brushes are available in the following sizes:
6", 5", 4”, 3”, 2.5”, 2”, 1.5”, 1”, 0.5”

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